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Make waves in your Amazon Associates vertical – increase conversions by tracking page level data that informs your strategy.

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20% revenue increase in affiliate revenue

"Heylink lets me see an overview of my affiliate activities. And also actively suggests opportunities I hadn’t considered converting into affiliate programs. It is just the perfect tool for what we were missing."

Mikkel Møller Vermeulen CEO and Executive Editor, Connery Media

6 networks and multiple partners tracked in one place

“The biggest problem Heylink solves for us is the management and reconciliation of multiple affiliate networks’ data. That’s a huge value add. Overall it’s been pretty easy to set up and use.”

Rodrigo Rodas, Managing Partner, Rewardsweb

Create business impact

Know what to scale and what to avoid

Unlock deeper insights from your Amazon Associates that will help you create impactful strategy.

  • Optimize workflows based on your data
  • Streamline your content optimization process
  • Create quality data feedback loops that inform your strategy
Amazon tracking

Learn what resonates. Fast!

Grabbing your audience’s attention and converting it into profit depends on your precision at tracking those crucial triggers in their behaviour.

  • Gather the indicators that reveal what resonates
  • Turn those indicators into actionable insights
  • Unlock audience insights in minutes
Page level reporting

Laser focused execution

With a clear vision into what works, why it works, and how it works execute the tasks that truly matter.

  • Get page level data
  • Track the performance on multiple SubIDs level
  • Have deeper understanding what works in your content

Impact you can create

20% Revenue increase

Increase your revenue through automated recommendations today. No reason for you to postpone the growth.

15 h. Hours saved weekly

Remove the mundane tasks from your and your team’s workflows. Use that time to connect to new campaigns.

99,2% Accuracy in affiliate revenue tracking

It’s time to set new standards for the accuracy of your data so you can optimise your workflow with precision.

Here’s how you can activate Amazon tracking in Heylink:

Step 1

Add amazon tracking ID

Go to the Admin menu, click the ‘Manage Your Tracking IDs’ and create the tracking ID.

Step 2

Export report from Amazon

Tick the box with ‘Earnings’ only and choose the ‘CSV’ format to Generate report.

Step 3

Import the report to Heylink

In Heylink; go to your Amazon Network and click the ‘Manual Upload of Earnings’ tab and then the ‘Upload File.’

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