Change log – February 2023: Marketing tags and a puppy picture

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Wow, has it really been a month already? It seems like it, and so we’re back with another change log for you! 

🐞 Bugs fixed:

  • Opportunities was showing incorrect data and two connect buttons – that is now fixed
  • Inactive advertisers are no longer showing on Advertiser list
  • Sorting and filtering on Columns in Reports is now working properly

⭐ New features:

  • When you click “Show Graph”, in Reports, the graph is now displayed AS WELL as the data in the report, making it easier to read it all together
graph and data on the same screen, WOW!
  • Super cool new feature – We now have the ability to collect Marketing tags (Google, Facebook, Custom URL parameters) 
    • Why is that so cool? It makes for even better attribution of incoming traffic to your site. Knowing where your conversions come from means you can put your focus where the money is 💰

🐶 What’s up at Heylink:

  • We said ‘hey’ to 2 new team members – Jen, our Digital Product Designer, and Jens, our Lead Backend Developer
  • Have you seen our latest blog post, on how to get quality organic traffic to your affiliate website? We highly recommend you check it out
  • Who’s a good boii? Balou, our new Pup-lick Relations Manager is (any excuse to add a puppy picture anywhere)
Balou is a very good boy