Change log – November 2023: Whole new level of insights

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November was lit up by the excitement of Black Friday, and we’re keeping that momentum going with the launch of three amazing new features.

3 new features that make your workflow smoother:

  • Amazon Page level data – For Amazon Associates, you can now import all your Amazon data into Heylink. This update grants access to page-level data, which isn’t available within Amazon’s system. You can find out how to get page level data for Amazon here.
  • Effective Commission Rates (ECR) in the Statistics report – ECR includes the rejections from specific merchants in its calculation giving you the view of the actual commission rates.
    • Why is that so cool? If a merchant rejects 50% of your conversions, the promised 10% commission rate is effectively only 5%. Knowing this makes the difference when choosing the right merchants to send traffic to.
  • Add CNAME tracking to Direct Partners – CNAME tracking bypasses adblockers and privacy browser restrictions, ensuring more accurate tracking of conversions.

🐞 Bugs fixed:

  • When you selected a specific site while creating a smart link, the system didn’t register it and suggested campaigns for all available sites. With the bug fixed creating smart links is now easier and faster.
  • You now have the option to Edit or Delete your direct partners

🐶 What’s up at Heylink:

  • We said Hey to a new team member: To make lives easier for as many publishers as we can reach, we’re stoked to welcome Jacob Lachmann as our Chairman of the Board and investor.
  • We’re so proud of the Black Friday results you achieved. We collected a few interesting stats across publishers during Black Friday:
    • Our publishers generated 166,127 conversions that resulted in the total sales value of $10,538,757.24.
    • We tracked commissions through 500+ direct partnerships and 4347 Affiliate network campaigns.
    • Check all the stats here.

That’s it from us in this year! Our next change log will be out in January.

The whole Heylink pack wishes you all Happy Holidays and wealthy beginning to 2024. We will help you make it the best converting year yet. 🤗🌟