Change log – October 2023: This is it

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🐞 Bugs vanquished:

  • We had a bug that showed your own website as an opportunity. Your website is definitely a catch, but we fixed the bug.

✅ New network:

  • We added Commission Factory to our growing list of integrated networks.

⭐ 3 new updates that make your workflow smoother:

  • We added a currency selector in the Inbound platform. This means direct partners can now see their conversions in the currency of their choice.
  • We added Amazon manual upload. This is for publishers who struggle to get Amazon’s activity report feed – you can upload your conversions manually to Heylink.
  • Since Black Friday is soon upon us we doubled our Server and Database resources. It’s gonna be massive and we’re ready for it.

🐶 What’s up at Heylink:

Effective affiliate growth hinges on transparent publisher-brand relationships. And so we invited Ishtvan for our next webinar episode. He has a decade of experience working with brands, committed to helping them consistently grow incremental revenue through affiliate campaigns.

He’ll share:

  • When data a publisher sees doesn’t add up with what the brand says
  • How these data discrepancies can happen
  • And how can a publisher proactively communicate with brands to create transparency

By the end of the webinar, you’ll know how to build a transparent publisher-brand relationship.

Tune in on November 15th at 11 CET.

That’s it from us, we hope to see you on the webinar later!