How Connery Media increased their affiliate revenue by 20%

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Connery increased affiliate revenue

Customer: – Danish lifestyle publishing company

Challenge: Not having an overview of their affiliate activities

Solution: Using Heylink to reduce the manual labour of their affiliate tracking in one single dashboard. Plus, getting suggestions from Heylink to expand their affiliate portfolio

Outcome: 20% revenue increase from Heylink’s recommendations

Who is Connery?

Connery is an online publishing company running multiple lifestyle sites focusing on a variety of topics – cars, food, lifestyle, movies, and many more. Their sites include, and

Connery’s mission is to create a free space where their readers are entertained and on top of the latest trends.

Connery Media is one of the most visited independent media companies in Denmark, representing a total of 600k monthly readers across the portfolio.


We made affiliate marketing our focus, but we were struggling to keep an overview of all the different affiliate platforms and affiliate sites”

Connery’s biggest hurdle when adopting affiliate marketing as a main source of revenue was to keep an overview of their performance, says Mikkel Møller Vermeulen, CEO and Executive Editor. 

Their tracking consisted of logging into all different networks a couple of times every week to consolidate the data manually into a spreadsheet. Besides all the time and manual work involved, a lot of insight and detail can be lost during that process.

So they needed a solution that would give them that cross-platform overview without increasing manual labour.

Affiliate tracking solution

They first considered building an in-house solution, but that seemed like a crazy task. And after looking at some other affiliate tracking platforms, they came across Heylink.

Connery connected all their affiliate networks to Heylink easily by installing our script. The tracker immediately kicked in and tracked all their link performance in one single dashboard.

The Heylink platform also helps them to find out new opportunities to monetise their links. They get suggestions for new affiliate programs and campaigns they can join to increase their affiliate portfolio.

“Heylink lets me see an overview of my affiliate activities. And also actively suggests opportunities I hadn’t considered converting into affiliate programs. It is just the perfect tool for what we were missing.”


Connery reduced their manual labour by setting up the Heylink tracker on their website. They can track every click and conversion which gives them valuable insights into what their readers resonate with. 

By using Heylink, Connery gained easy and fast insights into their affiliate activities. Plus they joined new affiliate campaigns they haven’t considered before through our suggestion feature.


7 hours saved weekly by eliminating manual labour

20% revenue increase from Heylink’s recommendations

In their own words

“Our main focus is building content that readers are actually using and getting informed by, and Heylink was just the perfect tool for what we were missing.”

“Heylink enables us to keep track of our activities and find out if we missed potential campaigns.”

“The two main features I’m using are the overview – having all my networks connected in one dashboard. And then the enrichment of basic links, which does the smart converting between programs and connects the links to highest paying campaigns.”

Mikkel Møller Vermeulen, CEO and Executive Editor, Connery