How Rewardsweb tracks multiple affiliate networks and direct partners in one place

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Customer: Loyalty program for airlines, hotels, and credit card points with over 100k active users and still growing

Challenge: Tracking multiple affiliate networks from one place

Solution: Heylink’s tracking software consolidates all their affiliate networks’ data and gives in depth insight. As a bonus, Heylink gave them the ability to manage their direct partners within the software which provided massive extra value to their business

Outcome: 6 affiliate networks and multiple direct partners tracked in one place

Who is Rewardsweb?

Rewardsweb is a loyalty program that allows users to spend their airline miles, hotel loyalty points, and credit card rewards for products directly from e-shops like Amazon and Mercado Libre, all from the comfort of their web browsers. 

Rewardweb’s mission is to provide a seamless, rewarding experience for online shoppers. More than 100k users already collect rewards that are only one click away.

They run the loyalty program for LATAM Airlines, the biggest airline in Latin America, amongst other impressive names.


The biggest challenge was to track multiple affiliate networks efficiently, without having to build a tool ourselves, or without going from one affiliate network to another.

Rewardsweb faced the challenge of figuring out how to track the performance of all their affiliate networks without building an in-house solution. Their workflow required creating accounts with all affiliate networks and consolidating the data in a spreadsheet.The problem with spreadsheets is they increase the probability of an error over time, says Rodrigo Rodas, Managing Partner at Rewardsweb.

The solution they were looking for was a tool that would consolidate their network data and eliminate the possibility of tracking errors.

Affiliate tracking solution

At first, Rewardsweb managed their affiliate networks’ data through a master spreadsheet, but it quickly became apparent that this approach lacked control and was too time-consuming. Realising the need for a solution, they came across Heylink.

Rewardsweb integrated all their networks through a simple API. Once they installed the API, Heylink’s tracker kicked in and immediately tracked all their data.

Rewardsweb also discovered they can invite their affiliate partners and create their own ecosystem outside of affiliate networks.

Heylink allowed us to build our own affiliate network within the Heyink platform. We brought in our affiliate partners and we created our own ecosystem that compliments the larger affiliate networks.


Through Heylink’s dashboard, Rewardsweb can now track all their affiliate performance in one place. They can consolidate all their data in one dashboard or break it down into more granular insights giving them the ability to report on page, link, and subpage levels.

By using Heylink for direct partners, Rewardsweb gained a new benefit they hadn’t considered before. Within the Heylink platform, they can invite direct partners without involving affiliate networks. Rewardsweb now has the ability to create their own partner ecosystem to drive partnership strategy and, of course, revenue growth.


15 hours saved weekly

6 affiliate networks and multiple direct partners tracked in one place

1000s tracked conversions in Q1 and Q2

In their own words

The biggest problem Heylink solves for us is the management and reconciliation of multiple affiliate networks’ data. That’s a huge value add.

Overall it’s been pretty easy to set up and use.

During the initial setup, the team walked me through how I can invite and onboard my direct partners by myself. So we did a full example of how we would onboard a store into our own system. It was pretty easy.

We bought and never looked back.

Rodrigo Rodas, Managing Partner, Rewardsweb