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We are Heylink

We believe that affiliate link management should be automated, transparent, and profitable. Our platform makes this a reality. We give publishers the freedom to explore the full potential of their content by monetizing it. With Heylink, companies get easy and intelligent link management through a data-driven approach.

Integrity and transparency

We deliver value

Full transparency is at the heart of our business. We provide access to live data on affiliate performance with no secrets and no delay. Companies can use our platform to gain valuable insights about their affiliate campaigns and optimize to increase revenue. Because when you succeed – we succeed.

100 million clicks.

We’ve worked with some of the largest affiliate publishers in the world. Using our platform, companies improve performance tracking and maximize affiliate profits.

100 million in revenue.

So far we’ve monitored: 2 million conversions, 100 million USD in revenue, and 100 million clicks.

Backed by industry professionals

We’re thrilled to be backed by some of the most successful Scandinavian entrepreneurs through their venture capital company, Dotcom Capital. They quickly recognized the potential in Heylink and invested only four months after our launch in 2018.

Innovationsfonden (“Innovation Fund”) has been set up to launch strategic research and innovation projects throughout Denmark. Their Innobooster subsidiary has invested in helping Heylink develop a unique and cookieless tracking technology.

Equipped to handle large-scale affiliate setups

Heylink is fully equipped to handle any affiliate business no matter the size or scaling ambitions. With 99% uptime, companies can rest assured their affiliate setup is in good hands. You can read more about Heylink’s tech setup on our interview with SingleStore:

  • PGP Encrypted System

  • Live Monitoring Of Data

  • Threat Detection Routing

  • Authenticate SS0 & IdP

Heylink & SingleStore