Does it cost anything?

There’s no startup fee for joining Heylink, so it’s entirely risk-free to try. Heylink only takes a small cut from the additional revenue that you generate using Heylink.

Can I use it together with other affiliate networks at the same time?

Yes, no problem! We want to help you to optimize your revenue as much as possible.

If you are an already experienced affiliate publisher, our platform can help you monetize all the traffic that you’re currently missing out on.

How does Heylink make money?

Publishers on Heylink earns a commission each time a merchant from our network generates a sale that originates from your site. Heylink takes a small cut of this commission and then passes the rest on to you.

Do you track all the links on my website?

It’s up to you to decide whether Heylink shall monetize all your links or only selected links on your website.

How do I receive my commission?

Each month Heylink will send you a credit note with the total amount of commissions you’ve made and transfer it to your bank account.

How do I install Heylink on my site?

It’s very simple. Just install the script you received in your introduction mail, and Heylink is up and running.

If you have any technical issues, our tech team are more than happy to help you install it – write to [email protected], and we will help you set it up.

Should I inform my readers that I'm using Heylink?

We encourage all our publishers to disclose that you could be making money on the articles – we can even help you with that, automatically.

If you want to, Heylink can automatically highlight every commercial link, so you don’t need to worry.