Frequently Asked Questions

Does Heylink use cookies for tracking?

The short answer is: NO!

Heylink uses 7 different tracking methods and can easily track without using cookies.

For Affiliate network Campaigns we track the click on your website and get the conversion data from the networks. No Personal Identifier Information (PII) needed.

For Direct Partnerships, where we do the tracking on both your website and the partners webshop, we track the click ID on your website and match it with the Conversion ID on your partners webshop – Also no Personal Identifier Information (PII) needed.

The longer answer is: it’s optional.

If you want to collect external Marketing tags, you can use 1 cookie called “_hey”.

This will save Refferer URL and external Marketing Tags (such as Google Click ID’s, Facebook IDs and custom UTM parametres).
If you wish to collect external Marketing Tags via Heylink, you will need to ask the visitor for consent for “Marketing and Statistical data” depending on the nature of what you want to collect.

Heylink doesn’t save IP adresses or other PII data and the Marketing Tags are not sent to Heylink servers, unless the visitor clicks a link. When the visitor clicks a link, and go through an affiliate network, lands on an advertiser/webshop for example, it is the advertisers responsibility to collect a valid consent, based on their tracking setup. Most advertisers will ask for a Statistical or Marketing consent.

How often is my data updated in Heylink?

Your data is LIVE and always updated.

Can I track data for direct partnerships that don’t run through an affiliate network?

Yes! On our Custom plans, we can help you set up tracking with your direct partnerships, so you get to set the terms for your campaign and keep track of it.

Can I see the entire journey of my conversions?

You can! You can click on a specific conversion on the ‘Overview’ dashboard and instantly get an overview of the entire journey of that conversion. 

You are able to see which network and campaign was used, any custom SubId’s you’ve added, ie. Marketing ID’s from paid campaigns, etc. 

The conversion data is real-time, which gives a good understanding of what is trending on your website, or which campaigns are running hot

I just connected a network but I can’t see any data. Why is that?

Hang in there, it shouldn’t take much longer. It usually takes between 15 minutes to 2 hours. However, in rare cases it can take up to 24 hours to get your data imported, depending on the Network and how they handle data.

Can I use Heylink for data collection only?

Yes, our ‘Discover mode’ lets you do exactly that. When you use ‘Discover mode’ Heylink will only log clicks, so you can see the data in our platform.

Your links stay exactly the same, we simply observe the clicks on your site and don’t automate or optimize anything.

The data we collect lets you see the potential for monetizing your links, before you enable Heylink fully.

Will Heylink show me links that I’m not currently monetizing?

Yes, we show you any links that you are sending traffic through, where affiliate campaigns exist. Even better; with a couple of clicks you can connect and start monetizing these links directly from your Heylink account.

Can I use Heylink on TikTok/Instagram/Facebook/Newsletters?

Yes, you can use our Smart link functionality which enables you to get data on performance of your advertisement on links you share through Social Media or email marketing. 

Some cool things about Smart links:

  • A Smart link works as a container for the link and makes it possible to edit the link at a later stage. This is pretty cool for changing your email marketing links after sending, for example. 
  • Smart links can be used to shorten long, unattractive affiliate links
  • If you use iframes on your website smart links can be used to ensure that you still track everything.
Which affiliate networks are integrated to Heylink?

Heylink has easy integration to 100s of affiliate networks, and we’re adding new ones as you’re scrolling. Here’s a list of the main ones.

I can’t find an affiliate network that I am using in your system, how can I connect it?

We add new Network integrations all the time. If you have a specific Network that you would like us to add, please email us at

Can I use Heylink for free?

Yes, we offer a Freemium version with all Features available. You can add an unlimited amount of users and Websites and the only limitations are:

  • Commission: up to 2,500 USD
  • Network integrations: 2
  • Records (pageviews, clicks and conversions): 50.000
  • Historical data: 6 months

Learn more about our pricing and plans.

How many channels/websites can I use Heylink on?

You can set up Heylink for an unlimited amount of channels and websites on all of our plans.

See more about our pricing and plans.

How many affiliate network integrations can I connect via Heylink?

Our paid plans allow an unlimited amount of Network integrations.

See more about our pricing and plans.

My Heylink Account
How many users can I add to my Heylink account?

We offer unlimited amount of users on your Heylink account. You can invite new users directly from your profile settings.

Can I choose which currency I see the data in?

Yes, every user can choose which currency they want to see the data in. You can choose your currency from your Profile settings.