Earn more,
with less work

The Heylink technology is built to help online publishers focus on what they are good at; creating great content, without the limitation of technical and analytical competencies.

Save time with automation

Heylink automatically converts your product- and brand related links into monetized tracking links. Readers will only see the original and organic link – and it will have no impact on SEO.

Publishers who use Heylink includes:

Valuable insights and performance simplified

Monetize all your commerce-related traffic and see which subpage, article or link that performs better than others.

The Heylink dashboard/analytics supplies you with the most valuable data from your website, so you know where to put your effort.

Get access to millions of products

Search among millions of products from different types of e-commerce websites in our catalog. All products that you can make money on from your website.

Heylink lets you decide


All links are converted

Exploit the full revenue potential of your website and let
Heylink convert all your commercial-related links.


Selected links are converted

Take charge of the links you want to profit from. Heylink makes it simple for you to select where you want to make money.

Boost revenue with our performance metrics.

  • 01 Monetize outgoing traffic


Discover where your readers go and what they do after they leave your site.


The Heylink dashboard allows you to discover what links on what pages on your website that drives traffic and generates sales to other webshops.

Heylink monitors more than 1 million clicks each month.


Get an overview of your best-performing content and compare performance across different channels.


Learn what content that delivers the highest return and value to your readers through the live updated dashboard.

Heylink facilitates thousands of sales each month.


Based on the collected data, Heylink presents you with ideas and suggestions on how to optimize your content.


Furthermore, Heylink will continuously push high ROI content ideas to its premium publishers to help boost performance on their websites.

Heylink has helped digital media increase revenue with 500%.