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Most online platforms have the potential to leverage from their content, but only a few dedicate resources to do so – commercial content publishers.

Commercial content publishers are often sites that consumers look to for advice and guidance when making a purchase decision. These sites have gained influence by continuously delivering useful and high-quality content to their readers.

We’ve looked at four different types of commercial content publishers that have the highest potential to leverage from their content.

#1 – Magazines and editorial sites

Magazines and editorial sites are big sites with a lot of traffic and strong brand recognition. These sites often have full editorials teams, that can produce a vast amount of high-quality content that covers a wide range of topics.

They often generate traffic through multiple channels such as social, websites and newsletters.

Online magazines have the potential to become hugely successful as a commercial content publisher due to their size and scale. Brand + great content + traffic delivers a powerful platform to engage readers in product and brand-related content.

How to leverage:
Magazines should leverage from their strong journalistic skills and integrity to deliver well-written buying guides and recommendations.

Best case examples:
Men’s Health
Elle #1, Elle #2
The Guardian

#2 – Influencers

Individuals using blogs and social media to communicate about their lives and what interests them. Their message is typically being delivered through blog posts and updates on social media.

Many influencers have experienced great success through branded partnerships.

How to leverage:
Buying guides, reviews of single products and best/top lists. Almost anything product related content can be commercialized on blogs.

Best case examples:
The Spruce
Pinch of Yum
Sincerely Jules

#3 – Niche sites

Topic-specific sites often have very dedicated and loyal readers. They focus on one area and then specializes in delivering high-quality content within that field. Consumers often use these sites to research one thing and expect the material to be of high quality made by experts.

How to leverage:
Niche sites need to be a bit more meticulous when publishing content. The best performing posts for niche sites are typically in-depth reviews of a single product or a couple of products in the same category.

Best case examples:
Condé Nast
Smarter Travel

#4 – Commercial sections

Sections of news sites focusing on consumer journalism. They often focus on new products that they can use in their editorial section.

How to leverage:
Top/best lists and buying guides are very effective here.

Best case examples:

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Most online platforms have the potential to leverage from their content, but only a few dedicate resources to do so