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Getting approved by advertising/affiliate networks can often be a hassle! Especially, if you have a lot of different products that require campaigns from multiple affiliate networks, which means endless emails back and forth, different tracking setups and not to mention numerous logins.

Heylink work closely with all the largest affiliate networks to make sure that your approval process goes as smooth as possible, and that you only have to sign up one place – here at Heylink. Then our quality team reviews your website and makes sure it meets the demands before sending it to all relevant affiliate networks. This process typically takes from 24 to 72 hours.

What is a good website

There are a lot of different types of online publishers that can use Heylink – see publishers.

We often look for three things to determine whether a publisher can be approved for the Heylink platform.

#1 – User experience

It’s imperative that the website looks professional and worked through. We will not approve half finished sites that are missing a lot of content.

#2 – Traffic sources

Traffic sources typically decide the quality of the customers that are buying through your website, and therefore we’re obsessed with this part.

Our team can quickly determine how you acquire your traffic and will let you know if you need to change anything.

#3 – The team behind

We encourage everyone to get started with affiliate marketing, lots of money to make. We though have a zero tolerance policy to people trying to cheat the system with “black hat” and other scam techniques.

Everyone can apply, and we will always respond with a good reason if your site doesn’t meet our requirements – and we’re happy to review your site again.

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