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Before digging into the idea of profiting from your content, I’d like to explain the concept of commercial content.

Whenever a media writes an article about a product or brand, the content becomes commercial. Because when a media writes about another brand/product they either indirectly or directly are promoting their business and potentially are generating new customers to the company.

In many cases, these articles also include linking to a product or company, where a purchase can happen. For many years this has been a central part of the digital economy.

The only issue is that in most cases only one part profits from these articles, namely the businesses. Moreover, while Adblockers are slowly killing banner ads (source: PageFair) and the subscriptions based model is suffering (source: Pew Research Center), online publishers need to seek new revenue streams to survive.

Four content strategies for publishers

We’ve looked into effective ways to use commercial content as a revenue model while improving the user experience and educating readers.

Buying guides

Buying guides is a very non-intrusive type of content that can be used in many ways to focus on various product and categories.

From highlighting products that are popular in your team to what to wear this season, the opportunities are endless to start promoting content. Just make sure to cover a wide range of prices that ensure you’re not excluding readers.

Example of buying guides:
– Main Lifestyle
– TheWireCutter
– Condé Nast

In-depth product reviews

Before making larger purchases, consumers often seek detailed product reviews to support their decision. Therefore making longer and thorough product reviews can be a very effective way to help consumers take a decision.

In-depth reviews are particularly useful for expensive and complicated products like televisions, smartphones, etc.

Example of in-depth reviews:
– TechRadar

“Top/best” lists

Collecting multiple products in a comparison list can often be an effective way to narrow down the consumer’s choices and help them take a well-informed decision.

Examples of top/best lists:
– Lifewire

Product galleries

Galleries of products are the perfect way to inspire and engage your readers. It’s very easy to consume, and it gives a nice touch to your site.

Examples of product galleries:
– The Guardian

These are only a few ways of commercializing your content, while the possibilities are endless.

Heylink offers an effortless way to capitalize on these strategies. Just install the script on your site, and Heylink will monitor all the traffic and sales that you’re generating.

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