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Whether you’re a news media, influencer or niche magazine, our platform
can help you deliver valuable insights about your content.

Create compelling commercial content

Publishers at Heylink use commercial content to deliver value to their readers and themselves.

Automate tracking links

Heylink automatically transforms ordinary product, brand or merchant related links into trackable links.

Get commission from
each sale

Earn money from the sales generated through your commercial content.

All types of publishers

We deliver revenue to all types of publishers.


Content-driven commerce represents some of the highest conversion rates in the market, and influencers have some of the most engaging and loyal readers, giving them the optimal platform to convert their content into revenue.


Heylink allows influencers to capitalize on both their new and existing content in a non-intrusive way without interfering with consumer experience.

Influencers who use Heylink include:

news media

Commercial content is among the few revenue streams for online publishers that improve the user experience to their readers.


Heylink offers media an effective and non-intrusive way of continuously capitalizing on new and existing content.

News media who use Heylink include:


Heylink offers various tools to optimize your comparison site. It includes comparison tables, live updated product feeds and advanced product statistics.


We have tools for almost any market; telco, travel, finance, fashion, etc.


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Comparison sites who use Heylink include: