Automated and simplified

The Heylink technology is built to help online publishers focus on what they are good at; creating great content, without the limitation of technical and analytical competencies.
Here are a few of the features that Heylink gives you:

Automated tracking

Heylink automatically converts your product- and brand related links into monetized tracking links from one of our +15.000 partnered webshops - visitors will only see the original and organic link.

With Heylink, you will therefore never have to create a tracking link again.

Automated tracking
One Platform to track it all

One platform

Connect all you partnered webshops and aggregate campaigns, reporting, statistics in one platform.

We've made it possible to integrate with all the largest affiliate networks, media agencies and directly with webshops - with just a few clicks.

Estimate click value

All your outbound clicks have value to the site receiving that traffic.

Heylink helps you discover how much traffic your site is delivering to other websites, helping you to spot new potential revenue sources

Monitor all clicks
Insights and analytics

Insights and analytics

Analyze all your commerce-related traffic and get actionable insights to help you optimize performance.

The Heylink dashboard gives you insights on,

  • Best-perfoming pages, articles, and campaigns
  • Most valuable traffic sources
  • Paid vs organic revenue and much more

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