AI content for affiliate SEO: How to make that work

Using AI to elevate your affiliate SEO strategy is a very delicate procedure. Some companies and independent publishers stay as far away as possible from AI. At the other end of the spectrum are marketers who rely on AI too much.

Thomas Bogh, CPO at Bonzer, will share his insights on the SEO landscape, which parts of it AI impacts the most and what stays the same.


What you'll learn

Covered in the webinar:

  • How Google views AI-generated content and are there any potential penalties you can get?
  • How SEO specialists and content marketers should look at SERPs now with Search Generative Experience (SGE)?
  • What are some good and bad examples of using AI in SEO?
  • How do EEAT guidelines and Google’s Product Review update impact your affiliate website?
  • Can you use AI to comply with Google’s product review updates?
  • How can you use AI for link building?
  • Where do you see SEO and AI development in the future?

Thomas Bogh

Thomas is the CPO of Bonzer and has helped companies grow their brands through SEO for more than 6 years, as part of Bonzer. His passion for SEO has led him to educating other professionals through articles on popular media sites like Search Engine Journal, DanDomain, and Kommunikationsforum (Danish media forum).

Bonzer is a specialised SEO agency dedicated to growing businesses through organic traffic. They value strong collaborations with all their clients, and they provide a service that is transparent, agile, and efficient.