Data transparency

How to create data transparency between publishers and brands?

Insights for publishers and brands on how to create a transparent partnership where both parties thrive.

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What you'll learn

Covered in the webinar:

  • The elements of setting up an affiliate program or campaign from brand’s perspective
  • When in this process can a data discrepancy happen
  • If a publisher experiences data discrepancy, what is the easiest way to solve it
  • How can a publisher proactively communicate with brands to create transparency
  • How does a good collaboration between a publisher and a brand look like

Ishtvan Torpoi

Ishtvan has been in the affiliate industry for 8+ years helping brands run profitable affiliate programs and campaigns. Driven by his passion for affiliate and performance marketing, Ishtvan founded TAG®, an affiliate marketing agency committed to helping brands consistently grow incremental revenue through fruitful affiliate campaigns and relationships.

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